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Weclome to SpriteFestival (chowlingspecies) we are currently working on updating our website, fixing bugs, optimizing layout and decorating it with artwork. Currently our website might have missing links and information, but we are working hard on getting this all updated and fixed! if there is any bugs, errors or if something is not working at all approach us through our discord or instragram (chowlingspecies). but for now feel free to look around as for now.

Chowlings are a game species made specifically for our future webgame spritefestival, in order to own an official one to use in the game please purchase either a make your own item or purchase one from an official sale.

Halloween Batch Posted 8 months ago by GreenBean
Friday 13th GA Sale Posted 9 months ago by GreenBean
May 29th Raffles! Posted 1 year ago by Green
May Big Design Batch! Posted 1 year ago by GreenBean
May Calendar Posted 1 year ago by Green
Greed of light (chapter one) Posted 1 year ago by Shrimp
Avilets reveal Posted 1 year ago by Shrimp
Greed of light event Posted 1 year ago by Shrimp
Subtype update Posted 1 year ago by Shrimp
News revamp Posted 1 year ago by Shrimp

Site Log
Notice: A small notice about item updates. We will be updating the items their images back to their original render after being able to test out the thumbnails. You might have noticed some have new designs as well along with new items. Please stand by as we update all the items visually one last time.
1 year ago
Notice: Currencies have been updated outside of silver, these currencies will re-appear in our lore as well with their new design.
1 year ago
Notice: Front page has been updated, links can now be found in the navigation bar under help and guides.
1 year ago
Notice: New foraging items added to the forest, you can now find and collect collectables. This feature is still being worked on so stand by, but for now feel free to collect them.
1 year ago
Bugfix: Front page getting started link fixed. Used to give a 404 error due to incorrect link
2 years ago
Bugfix: the site is undergoing general maintenance as we are fixing bugs, if you find any bugs/ errors please notify us through our discord preferably. We are slowly working on fixing current bugs and making sure things work more smoothly. Thanks for your patience
2 years ago
Bugfix: You can now looking for lineages under the masterlist. Please refer to “advanced search”
2 years ago
Bugfix: CW/ TW update: members can now pick between 2 different kinds of censors. Blurred and blacked out, this can be edited from your settings.
2 years ago
Notice: We have changed the name of the flea market -> forest due to the game environment.
2 years ago