Halloween Batch

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Halloween is just around the corner, and some Chowlings that fit the season have appeared! Today marks the drop of our annual Halloween Batch! All designs in this batch are €100 each, And a few are FTO designs!

#1 - Hellfire, FFA, by GreenBean

#2 - Formalin Jar, FFA, by Solobodor

#3 - Gummy Eyes, FFA, Kirill

#4 - Scarecrow, FFA, Drearypiper

#5 - Ghost, FFA, by Oko

#6 - Blueberry Soft Serve, FFA, by Sharktuna

#7 - Rat King, FFA, by Sirfluffbutts

#8 - Vampire Bat, FFA, by Oko

#9 - Mulled Cider, FFA, by Jollymutt

#10 - Dark Magic, FTO/NO, by GreenBean

#11 - Pumpkin Seed, FFA, by Bat

#12 - Pumpkin Cat, FFA, by Kirill

#13 - Weird Dog, FFA, by Mochipeligroso

#14 - Pumpkin Pie, FTO, by Drearypiper

#15 - Halloween Cookies, FFA, by Jollymutt



- Must have a SpriteFestival Account to enter

- Payment is in EUROS and through PAYPAL ONLY!

- Payment is expected in full within 24 hours of the winners being messaged!

- No Sockpuppeting or joining for other people! However you are allowed to pay on someone's behalf!


And that's it! You can find the link to all individual raffles here in the 'Halloween Batch 2023' section:

Chowlings - Raffles (chowlingspecies.com)




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