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Closed Species - are an Original Species defined by the unique nature of the character’s appearances, anatomy, and lore to create the species concept as a whole. Characters within a Closed Species are not free to make, meaning only certain individuals can create official characters of said species. Usually there are MYO slots with which other users can make their own characters of the species.

MYO [Make Your Own] - are slots sold, traded, or gifted to members to make their own character of a certain species. Read more about making your own SpriteFestival character here

GA [Guest Artist] - These are individuals which were granted special permission to create Sprite Festival characters and accept rebase and familiar commissions. When and how many GAs are chosen is up to the staff team.

NFT [Not For Trade] - Some Sprite Festival characters on Toyhouse might have the Tag ‘NFT’. This has always been a shortened version of ‘not for trade’ meaning that the character isn’t currently open for offers.

FTO [First Time Owner] - are members which have never before owned a Chowling.

Non-Owner - a non-owner user is a someone who has no character under their Spritefestival profile. The difference between a first time owner and a non-owner is that a non-owner is someone who has owned a Chowling before but at the moment does not. If you wish to enter non-owner and first time owner sales your account has to be empty, meaning characters in pending sales do not make you a non-owner.
FFA [Free For All] - is a term used to indicate that a specific sale, trade, etc, is available for anyone to enter. This includes members who currently own Chowlings, as well as FTOs and Non-Owners. 

FCFS [First Come First Serve] - is a way to quickly sell characters or MYO slots. The person who replies fastest to the given advertisement will be the winner of said sale, giveaway, trade, etc.
Raffles - A raffle is a type of randomized contest where you enter for a certain reward. The player can receive a ticket that gives them the chance to win a prize. These prizes can vary between many different things depending on the type of raffle. The raffle lasts a certain amount of time and after that time is over the winner is raffled out by an automatized website feature to destermine who wins the reward.
Flat Sale Raffle - A flat sale raffle is a sale in which the character or MYO being sold has a predetermined price, such as €50, and the buyer is selected randomly from a raffle. It does not cost any money to enter into the raffle. Only the winner, once rolled from the raffle, will need to pay for the character. Do not enter any flat sale raffles if you cannot pay!

UFS [Up For Sale] - indicates that a member is looking to sell their character! They sometimes have a set price tag, or may allow you to offer money with other things on top, such as art.  

UFT [Up For Trade] - indicates that a member is looking to trade their Chowling for characters, such as one offs or other closed species! They may mention what sort of characters they are looking for in their post.  

SWAPS [Up For Swap] - indicates that a member is looking to swap their Chowling for another Chowling only! If they are only looking for swaps, please do not try to bribe them with money or non-Chow characters.

Entertaining Offers - indicates that a member is accepting offers on their Chowling out of curiosity, but is not certain if they would let the character in question go. Entertaining means that it’s mostly to see what sort of trade offers they will get, so the people who offer shouldn’t get too excited about receiving said character.  

Rebase - A rebase is an image drawn by an artist to replace the imagery on a characters profile, usually rebases are done to update outdated designs of characters but they can also be done simply to step up the quality or to replace it with an image that captures the character better. Rebases can be done at any time and can be uploaded under your characters profile.

Themes - A theme is what a character is based on design wise, a character is given a theme to represent a certain prompt which is executed with their design.



What are SpriteFestival spirits?



Anyone can register to the SpriteFestival website without owning a character, please read our privacy policy and terms of service before making an acocunt.

Registering is easy, please make sure you are at least 13 years old before registering to our website, be truthfull about your age as lying will result into a permanent ban from our website, discord and game. Once you have registered you should be recieving an e-mail to confirm your account (the same e-mail you used to register) Did you not get the e-mail? please let us know through our report hub. 

Once your account is verified you are able to use all our website features and begin your SpriteFestival adventure.



SpriteFestival characters can be obtained through multiple ways. You can either get them through sales, raffles, contests or from other members! Please check our social media's or discord chat hub to see if there are any for sale/ trade. You can view existing characters in our character index aka masterlist. (do NOT harass other members for their character as this is against our rules)

When i obtain a character what can i do with it?

You can use your characters to participate in our events, prompts, web game or you can story build with them or simply to collect them. What you do with your character is fully up to you! just make sure to follow the rules as long as your participate in our game, discord or website. We allow people to upload their characters to websites such as, just know ownership on these websites are not official and we do not take responsiblity if people get scammed through different platforms, make sure to always check the official website before purchasing anything related to SpriteFestival (we are also not obligated to assist in these situations)




There are 4 types of currencies in Sprite Festival, and they are Gold Tokens, Copper Tokens, Platinum Tokens and Festival Tickets. These 4 currencies can be used to purchase different items and more for your characters onsite and ingame.

Gold Tokens can be purchased with real life currencies in our cash shop (you can find this here: with €1 being the equivalent to 1 Gold Token. Gold Tokens can be used to purchase monthly exclusive traits as well as upload new design submissions for your characters (Rebases).

Copper Tokens can be obtained by playing the game and through foraging in the Forest (that can be found here: and can be used to purchase items from the trait shop that you can add to your characters.

Platinum Tokens can be found by foraging in the Forest and can be used to purchase rarer items in our shop.

Festival Tickets can be obtained through events, prompts and game nights. These Tickets will be able to be used to roll a gacha onsite, where you can obtain randomised goodies ranging from more currency, to items and collectibles. Currently, Festival Tickets can also be used to purchase a Bronze MYO in our Character Slot Shop, more options may be added in the near future along with other ways to use this special currency.


The masterlist is a character index where all usable game characters are stored. each individual entry holds a character with information such as: ownership, game progression, character informaton and much more. The masterlist serves as a place for people to have their characters safely locked to their names.


Shops are hubs where we sell official SpriteFestival items, these items can range from comsetic to game items and much more. There are mulltiple categories and shops you can check out in our market hub, this involves other members selling/ trading items, the official hop and an NPC who trades items for other goods.

Prompts and Events

Prompts is a type of art game that requires the player create an entry for a small event with a certain theme, people have to make creative entries for these prompts such as literature, artwork or other crafts. You can use your own character or someone else's (with permission) to enter these "prompts" to win small rewards depending on the type of prompt. Prompts always have a theme to them that give the player a sense of direction of what they have to work with. For example, the theme "big dinner" would suggest the player drawing character(s) preparing or eating a big dinner.

Events are bigger than prompts and are usually seasonal and sometimes correspond to the lore. During events there might be games in different chats, prompts, designs for sale, and raffles. 

Reports and contacting us

If you notice inappropiate behavior from another user, errors on the website or have trouble in general do not hesitate to reach out to use through our help desk! you can make a ticket, write down your issue and send it over, it will be read over by a moderator and be handled as soon as possible. If you have a hard time doing this on the website you can also contact us over discord or our other social media's! make sure to properly describe what your issue is so we can help you the best we can.


Lore is information about the universe, setting, species and content within the game, when reading lore you will be educated about what plays in the world and game, lore can be found in any form such as text, visuals and hint and its purpose is helping you try and understand more about the specific universe you are in.