Redesign guide


The SpriteFestival team is very flexible in allowing you to make changes to your character's design. We want to ensure you are happy with your character!

Regarding restrictions on redesigning your character, there are differences between redesigns for personal use and redesigns for use within the SpriteFestival community. You are free to do whatever you want with your character's design for personal use, but if you'd like your design to be canon to the group, you must follow the redesign rules.





Can I transfer a design made by myself or another designer for use as a redesign?

Yes; however, if you are integrating a design by another artist, make sure to pledge to our off-site design approval form (WIP)

Are redesign rules different between SpriteFestival species?

No, redesign rules apply the same to all the species! Some species come with different automatic traits attached to them; depending on the circumstances these can be changed! Please read up on that in the species index as each species has different rules about changing core traits.

Can I redesign my character to be a different species in SpriteFestival or have multiple species that are the same design?

No, sorry!

What if my redesign idea doesn't fit the trait system or SpriteFestival rules?

We do not police what happens to SpriteFestival creatures outside of the official group but if you want your changes and designs to be official and usable within the group please make sure they fit our guidelines and rules.

I am confused about some of the traits. Can a mod help me understand?

If you are confused about a trait we ask you to read the trait index entry as we include hard visuals with them! If you are still confused after reading through the index, please refer to our question form here. (WIP)

Why do redesigns cost money after the first free slot?

As a play-to-win based game we rely on micro-purchases revolving around flexible and high end customization. If you have difficulty obtaining currencies there are people in our community who would love to get art in exchange for currency or you can play the game to obtain some. Only the first initial design for any of your Chows forms will be free. Once a design has been uploaded for one of your Chows forms, requesting a redesign of this form will cost 7 Gold Token.

I want to detach a redesign and use it separately from the character. How would I do that?

It's against the rules to detach a redesign from a character regardless of how different they are. However, you are free to void your character from the game website at any point. The Spritefestival rules and TOS do not apply to a voided character and you are free to do whatever you’d like with them. Keep in mind that voiding a character can’t be undone.

I am uncertain if my redesign will be approved, what do I do now?

Making a mistake is no big deal at all!  You can send in your redesign regardless. If something needs to be changed, you will be assisted by a mod and given some guidelines to help correct any mistakes.

I can't draw but want to get my character redesigned. What do I do now?

The community has provided bases for some species which can be downloaded here. If you don’t feel confident working with a base, you can either commission an artist or ask in the community for redesign help!

There is a design under my character that makes me uncomfortable and feels inappropriate. What do I do?

We would never want any member to feel uncomfortable about a character they own. If your character contains an image that makes you uncomfortable, please reach out to the help desk to get it removed and include your reasoning.

The image will be voided and archived hidden in our website to keep track of removed images. Is an image on a character you don't own inappropriate? Please read up on our rules to see if the image is in violation of our rules. If the image does violate our rules, please reach out to us via our help desk or report the user with your reasoning included in the comments

I saw an incorrect trait listing on another character. Where can I report this?

If you are certain that this was an approved mistake please reach out to our help desk. We will take care of it there! Please DO NOT DM the owner about this unless you are advising them to reach out to us themselves.



How to Submit a redesign

If you'd like to update your Characters Masterlist image you can do so by submitting a Redesign request.

You can find where to submit requests for all of your Characters forms through their "Update Design" button. This Button is located at the bottom left corner of their Masterlist Entry under the "Settings" Area.

Image Toggle: locating where the 'Update Design' button is


Here you can choose to upload a (re)design for your Chowlings Main (the main feral Chowling form), Human or Therianthropic form. To create a request click the 'Create Request' button below the form you'd like to update. Please note that after the initial design has been uploaded to a form for the character it'll cost 7 Gold Tokens to make another design update of this specific form.
Image Toggle: different design update request options



All of these require you to submit one of the following forms after clicking on their request button:
Image Toggle: updated request form


Here you'll be required to fill out all the necessary info to make your official design update! You'll be starting out in the "Status" tab of the request. Head to the "Form" Tab located right next to it to find the form.


First choose and upload your desired Image.

• Make sure the image is transparent and follows our Content Warnings Guide! (can be found in our TOS under "Website & Species Content") Use the image cropper tool (Click and drag to move the image) after uploading your image to crop it for the Masterlist, as you like.

• Underneath your image is a place for your designer and artist’s usernames. If you were the designer/artist: put your username in both columns! Were there two designers? Use the “+” next to the designer space to add a second designer.

Leave the Designer/Artist URL (on the right side) blank if the designer or artist has a account. If they do NOT have one, put their social media URL into the Designer/Artist URL and leave the first box blank.


Next select all Traits your Chowling now has in the "Traits" section.

To add a trait click on the "Add Trait" button for each trait you'd like to add. Now you can select each trait and if necessary you can add a note on their right side.

This note section is only to be used for special cases like if a trait is barely visible, it's in combination with another trait, etc.

Make sure you have all items needed for the new traits in your inventory already!


Almost done! Now you can add a comment to your submission if you need to.
If not then simply skip this part and click the "Save" button at the Bottom of the page.

You'll know that you've saved successfully if the red cross next to the "Form" tab has turned into a green circle.


Now you can go back to the "Status" Tab and submit your design request!

Once that is submitted: You are good to go! A mod will manually approve your request and send it back with a comment if anything needs to be changed.

That's it!

You’re all done!! If you don't need to make any changes, your design will be uploaded to the characters masterlist to become official!


Now any new design update you'd like to do within the same category on the same character will cost you 7 gold Tokens.
Image Toggle: updated request cost





Our website works with a trait system. This system allows users to add unusual features to the species anatomy and won't appear without the use of such a trait. Think of things like different fur lengths and textures, abilities, or growths such as horns or ears. Our trait system is fully explained on its own page.

If you want to read up on traits, we have them separated into four different categories: Appearance traits, coat traits, abilities and pigment traits.

Appearance traits affect your character’s bodily changes such as growth. Coat traits affect your character’s skin texture, type and length. Pigment traits affect your character’s coloration and skin pigment and abilities give your character small powers.

 If you wish to overview all existing traits please go here.




Eye shape and color; we are not strict when it comes down to the colors or shapes of eyes; outside of pigment mutations we allow any color and shape.

Pigment mutations affect eyes in a way real pigment does, for example; a character with albinism would have fully pink or a light rose eyes (sclera, iris, and pupil) and a character with melanism would have eyes that are fully dark (edging to black) - these are the only eye color restrictions.

Scars, disabilities, missing limbs, body types, gender and sex are free-range traits, we allow anything as long as it's respectable and nothing offensive or fetishized.

Sexuality and gender are also free to be changed within the species (this includes trans identites, asexuality and polygamy) we have some of these details on character's pages and they can freely be edited by members from the editing panel on your character's profile.

Hair length or style; SpriteFestival species can have any kind of hairstyle, it doesn't need to match with their coat type at all and it can be any length. (or no hair at all) Fur and hair don't equal each other and if you want a different coat style for your character you are gonna need a coat trait, coat traits change the type, texture, and length of your character's coat.

Accessories are a free range topic, you can dress up your chowling the way you want. The only two limitations we have for accessories are costumes and in-game gear; costumes cannot be applied freely (click the hyperlink if you want to find out more about costumes) neither can in-game gear. While costumes are solely cosmetic "collectibles" in game gear has a real effect on the character (click the hyperlink if you want to find out more about gear) and needs to be bought just like costumes. any non-game affecting accessories outside of costumes can be freely added however (think of charms, bracelets, necklaces, piercings, scarves, bandanas etc.)




Themes can be changed depending on the circumstances (Spelling error, wrong terms, different languages, accidental double themes). Lineages affect a character's appearance and in-game progress. For this reason, changing is only a possibility with a rare Lineage upgrade item. Ranks are classes which determine which statistic your character specializes in. Changing Ranks is NOT possible, as it will directly affect your character's progress (read more about battle stats here WIP).

We do not allow any sort of anatomy changes to official character redesigns. We want everyone to follow species key anatomy to keep all species recognizable and consistent. Each SpriteFestival species will have anatomy information added onto their page. If you are confused about the anatomy of certain species please read up on them here.

We allow the creation of side designs or one-offs for SpriteFestival characters as long as the designs are kept together and not sold separately from another. We also allow the creation of side designs in other species of their SpriteFestival as long as the species owner agrees. If staff are alerted to a SpriteFestival character and their side design getting sold separately, the ownership of  both designs will automatically be transferred to the new owner. This will result in a ban for the offending party. Additionally, if the transaction involves another closed species, the species owner will be notified.