Design guide

Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a Chowling MYO Slot! 

Once your MYO Slot has been uploaded to the site under your account, it's official! You can view your MYO Slots HERE.
It's time to make the perfect Chowling for you! We’ve made this guide to help walk you through the process.
Once a MYO slot has been purchased by a user, it cannot be resold—only traded, gifted, or vouchered with mod approval. You are forbidden from reselling your MYO slot unless you have specifically been given Mod approval for a voucher, generally in case of emergency.



Theme Approval

The first step in creating your MYO Chowling is to think of a theme for your design! The Chowling Theme Masterlist contains all of the currently existing themes, as well as themes that are claimed or pending. This guide isn’t always 100% up to date or accurate, but it’s a great resource to get started and narrow down your options.
[Important] Due to the on site theme masterlist not working atm we made a temporary theme sheet with all claimed/ reserved themes that haven't been made into Chowlings yet. You can find this list here [LINK].
Once you’ve thought of a theme you’d like to claim, and you’ve made sure it’s not already on the Theme Masterlist, it’s time to get your theme approved! To do this, just send a message to the #admin-ask channel in the Discord and ask for a mod to help approve your theme! Once the theme is approved you can claim it through your MYO slot. To officially claim it you'll have to open your MYO slots Masterlist entry and click on the 'Reserve theme' option on the left. There you can input your desired theme and claim it! The site will automatically update your MYO slot to display the theme and it will be locked in for your MYO slot.
After your theme has been approved and locked in, you can no longer trade the slot. Please be 100% sure of your theme before claiming it!
There is no time limit in which you are required to claim your theme, and you can have multiple ideas in your head without officially submitting them, so please take your time to decide on a theme.
After your MYO theme is approved, it’s time to take a closer look at your MYO slot!



Types of MYO Slots

[IMPORTANT] Myo slots no longer have different rarites/statuses and all new MYO slots will only be of 'Bronze' status from now on and simply be called 'Chowling MYO slot'.
Subtypes have been completely removed and are no longer locked by the type of MYO used. Now any kind of theme within rules and reason can be applied to a MYO Chowling.
Lineages will be only obtainable through Lineage statues.
Current Silver and Gold MYO slots will keep their optional Monster or Dragon lineages as well as their value. But no more new Silver and Gold MYO slots will be made (this inclused combining two bronze slots for one silver slot).

There is one type of MYO slot going forward, this being the Standard/Bronze MYO slot.


MYO Slots are the basic way to create your own Chowling!
Their base cost is €100.
These MYO Slots only allow you to make regular Chowlings without a Lineage. You may add a Lineage to them by using a Lineage Heritage Statue.
Chowling MYO slots can be obtained in a few ways:
  • Purchasing one in the on site Shops! (currently only available to be purchased with Festival Tickets)
  • Purchasing one in the occasional MOD sales in our Discord
  • Winning one in raffles/events


Info Toggle for the old Bronze,Silver and Gold MYO info


This info is still accurate to all still existing Bronze, Silver and Gold MYO slots BUT no new slots of these kinds are given out.

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Bronze MYO

Bronze MYO Slots are the most common type and cost €100 if purchased. Bronze MYO Slots only allow you to make regular Chowlings without a Lineage. You may add a Lineage to them by using a Lineage Heritage Statue.
Silver MYO

Silver MYO Slots are less common and cost €200 if purchased. Silver MYO Slots allow you to add these Lineages:

With a Silver MYO you can get 2 free shop items once you use your MYO slot (Excluding Jade/Event exclusive items). You can also stockpile these for later.
Gold MYO

Gold MYO Slots are very rare and cost €300 if purchased. Gold MYO Slots allow you to add these Lineages:

With a GOLD MYO slot you can apply unlimited shop items to your MYO (Excluding Jade/Event exclusive items). You CANNOT stockpile these items for later.



When choosing a theme for your MYO, you'll need to keep in mind what Lineage your Chow will have if any.
Certain Lineages can be applied for free with a Silver or Gold MYO slot, but not every type of Lineage is available through MYOs (see info in boxes above).
The more common, way especially for new MYO slots, is by using a Lineage Heritage Statue.

Depending on what Lineage you'd like to add to your Chowling, their theme and appearance will be also be affected, in order to fit in with their Lineage’s lore! This also means that only certain types of themes can be used for certain Lineages.
For example: A Sugar Dragon Chowling would have the Dragon lineage due to “Dragon” being in its name. Its creation would require a Gold MYO because of the Dragon lineage or a Bronze/ Silver MYO and a Dragon Heritage Statue.
Now that you know what kind of Chowlings are available for each MYO type, and you have a theme picked out, it’s designing time. You can design your MYO yourself or commission another artist to design them. Either way, here are some rules to follow when designing a Chowling!


A Note on Character/Design Transfers 

If you are designing a Chowling (either using a MYO or a redesign) and that Chowling’s design is based off an OC or design that you own, then the new Chowling is considered to be a character transfer. What does this mean? In the case of a character transfer, the old character and design are “bound” to the Chowling. If you later decide to trade or sell this Chowling, then the old character and its design will also be traded/sold along with it. These rules are in place to make sure that new owners of a Chowling always receive all of the Chow's previous designs. It also prevents owners from selectively detaching designs they like, keeping them, and then selling the Chowling again.
For clarity’s sake, we’ll provide an example. Let’s say that Person A owns a hypothetical character design—we’ll call him Maple the maple leaf cat. Person A either obtains a MYO slot or redesigns a pre-existing Chowling. They either base the design off of Maple’s design, or intend this new Chowling to be a “Chow version” of Maple. The original character of Maple is therefore bound to this new Chowling. Later, Person A wants to sell this Chowling to Person B. If they do so, Person B would receive both the Chowling and Maple the maple leaf cat, as the two are considered to be bound together.

If you do not wish for the original character to be traded or sold along with its associated Chowling, your only option is to void the Chowling. For this reason, we encourage you to think very carefully before converting your previously owned characters or designs into Chowlings. Please also note that this term only applies to Chowlings made from a design that you own—for example, if you made a Chowling whose design was loosely inspired by Pikachu, that would not count as a character transfer, as you did not own or create the original design.







One of the biggest design rules to follow is that Chowlings must have a cream-colored base coat!
The base coat is usually visible on the underside of a Chowling, but this cream color must be visible somewhere on your Chowling unless you have used one of the Pigment Mutation items (which can be purchased on the site's shop).  More info on these below at 'PIGMENT MUTATION'
The following colors are considered "natural" paw pad colors for a Chowling to have.
The colors do not have to be exact to these, but use your best judgement!
Note: Chowlings have some unusual natural paw colors because their paw colors as an adaptation to some of the terrain they can be found in.
Any paw pad color not included within this range will require a dye to add to your Chowling!

Pigment Mutations

Pigment mutations can be applied to your MYO after purchasing the corresponding items from the shop!
When submitting your design for upload, you’ll have the option to attach these items from your inventory to add-on the corresponding mutations to your MYO. Make sure you have these items in your inventory prior to uploading your Chow! If you do not have the items for these traits, then you cannot use these base/eye/flesh colors on your Chowling’s design!
You can learn more about Pigment Muatations here

Chowling Fur & Hair

Chowlings can have plenty of fur on their body without needing any special traits! They normally have fur (not an extreme amount) along the back of their head, cheeks, chest, elbows, and rump, just like the chibi examples shown on this guide! Any fur beyond that will require the purchase of the coconut raffaello  item for the winter coat trait.
Chowlings can also have any hairstyle you can imagine, of any length or hair type! 

Chowling Tails

When it comes to Chowling tails, there are almost endless possibilities and a lot of room for creativity! The only two limits on tails is that the tail can't be a living tail or seperate being and the tail on your Chowling should make sense for the theme you’ve chosen. For example, if you make a Biota Chowling based on a leopard, it wouldn't make sense for them to have a glass tail full of liquid or a fish tail!
Currently, the only type of Chow to have an exclusive tail are Dragon Chowlings! Though a long tail, or a tufted tail, isn't exclusive to Dragons, they are the only type that can have a mane running down their tail! Non-Dragons cannot have this mane!
A tufted but non-Dragon-exclusive tail  VS  A Dragon-exclusive tail

Traits & Items

Traits are the physical characteristics that a Chowling possesses. They are what make a Chow unique and recognizable! Items can be used to customize your character’s traits and the way they look. You can choose to have fun with it and give your Chow a personalized touch to fit your aesthetic, or you can increase their rarity and coolness factor by upgrading their physical traits to more uncommon ones. Some physical traits include things like horns, ears, wings, and different pigment mutations.
Different traits can be bought in the shops as items.  If you have a question about a trait that already exists or are wondering about a trait that doesn't exist in the Chowling world, feel free to approach the mods about it!
Accessories and Clothes do not fall under traits. But some items like weapons or Claymores are only allowed to be added on official Masterlist Images if your Chowling is part of the Fighter Lineage (for weapons) or you're adding the type of claymore to your Chowlings inventory. Besides this Chowlings can wear anything their heart desires!

Approving & Uploading
Finally... you’ve finished your MYO design
Let’s get them approved and uploaded to the Masterlist! 
How to Upload a finished MYO
(NOTE: When filling out the MYO submission form, remember to press “Save” at the end of each tab once you are done with it!)

First things first: make sure your image is transparent and shows the design clearly! Please keep any shading to a minimum!

  • Go to the Chowling website. Once you are there and logged in, click the “Home” tab on the top bar, and then click “My MYO Slots.
  • Click on the MYO slot you wish to use. 
  • On the side menu at the bottom, look for and click “Submit MYO design.”
    (For mobile users: To get to the side menu, look for the black arrow at the top left of your screen. Scroll to the bottom to find “Submit MYO design” and click it.)
  • Click "Submit MYO Design".
Image Toggle: Click to view a screenshot locating where the 'Submit MYO design' button is
  • First, let’s head to the "comments" tab.
Please state what your Chowling’s theme is in the comments if you haven't claimed a theme through the site. If your Chow belongs to a Lineage (Fighter, Dragon, Monster), please also state this in the comment section. At the end of this submission, you yourself cannot manually specify a lineage until a mod approves your design, which is why we need confirmation in the comments.
• If you are not using a lineage, simply press “Save” at the bottom of this tab to move onto the next step.
  • Now we're moving to the "Masterlist Image" Tab.
• Here, use the "choose file" button to submit your transparent background design. Use the image cropper tool (Click and drag to move the image) after uploading your image to crop it for the Masterlist, as you like.
• Underneath your image is a place for your designer and artist’s usernames. If you were the designer/artist: put your username in both columns! Were there two designers? Use the “+” next to the designer space to add a second designer.
Leave the Designer/Artist URL (on the right side) blank if the designer or artist has a account. If they do NOT have one, put their social media URL into the Designer/Artist URL and leave the first box blank.
Make sure to hit 'save' before you continue!
  • Next, click the “Add-Ons” tab. 
• This is where you submit your items for the traits you have added on to your Chow. To see your items, you will need to click the “Show” button beside the text that says “Your inventory.” From there, just scroll until you find the items you want, and click the check box to the left of the item. If you need multiple copies of the same item, look to the right of the item in question and change the 1/x to 2/x, etc. 
  • Go to the traits Tab next.
• Here, you need to remember what items you used in the previous tab. For example, if you used some heart candies, click the “Add Trait Button” and search for the “Ears” trait in the box that pops up. Continue adding traits for every item used.

[IMPORTANT] Claws and Lineage specific traits don't need to be added by you! These are automatically added to the Chowling once a lineage is applied.

Save again and we're almost finished!
  • Head back to the “Status” tab once these are all filled in and all the tabs have a green circle next to them. Click “Submit Request!” 


That's it!
You are good to go! A mod will manually approve your MYO and send it back with a comment if anything needs to be changed.
If you don't need to make any changes, your MYO will be uploaded to the masterlist to become an official Chowling!


Congratulations on your new Chowling, have fun!