May Calendar

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HELLO EVERYONE!!! Can't believe its May already! We've been busy preparing lots of exciting things for this month!
There's been a voice on the breeze that's calling, it's whispers not loud enough to understand, yet it's still there...something is on the horizon...
Strange, we wonder what it could be?
Well, there's lots in store for everyone this month with our beautiful calendar made by the one and only Jollymutt!!! 
More information about some of these dates can be found in the chowlingspecies server!
As for the monthly reccuring prompts, here's a link where you can find them!:
These will refresh every month (apart from giftart which refreshes weekly!) and all the details are on each prompt's respective page!
We are so excited to share all that's in store for this month with you all, we hope you enjoy and as always, do feel free to ask any questions!!!

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