Greed of light event

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Hello everyone

We have been planning an event for a while now and we have finally been able to post more information about it. You can read up about the event tidbits here. It is currently not open yet and there are no prompts but you can register your SpriteFestival character already in our RPG discord server if you are 16+ or in our Official discord server if you are 14+. We will be working on official site registrations for the next event to make registering characters more convenient. You can also enter with free to use characters that we will introduce before the event officially opens, you don't need to register these free to use characters and anyone can enter with them. If you are interested in this event keep a close eye on the prompt page and join our Discords for direct updates about the event (you can find our discords on our Carrd) follow our instagram for the prompt polls too.


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