Friday 13th GA Sale

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Good evening everyone, we hope everyone has had a wicked Friday the 13th! AND WITH THIS SPECIAL DATE, we of course have a calendar day!!
Today marks the GA Sale, which is brough to you by the talented Solobod0r!!!
This Carnival Gourd is not for eating, instead this lovely bean is looking for a home!
This is a PIYW (Pay if you win) Flatsale raffle, with the design being sold for €100!
- This raffle will be open for 24 hours!
- You must have a SpriteFestival Account to enter!
- Payment is through Paypal only and is in EUROS!
- Sockpuppeting or entering for others is not allowed, but you may help pay on someone's behalf!
- Payment is due within 24 hours of the winner being messaged!
And that is all!! Hope you enjoy this lovely design, make sure to send lots of love to the artist of this beauty!!
Here is the link to the PIYW Raffle:

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