Cards of hindsight art prompt



"Dance of wisps" card art example by MochiPeligroso.


Cards of hindsight are cards created by spirits, these cards represent a hidden story, predicting or warning for a future event. These cards can be collected in events and can be traded among users once collected, some cards are rarer than others thus have a lower pull rate.

Cards of hindsight are inspired by tarot cards and card collecting games.

Welcome to the prompt “cards of hindsight” For this prompt the community will be designing their own cards, each card is given a title that the community will base the card designs on. While the themes are pretty broad, we still expect users to stick to them and not make the artwork completely unrelated to the title of the card.

This Prompt you can only enter through our discord

These themes will exist in this deck but will be designed by staff
  • The sun
  • The moon
  • The dying star
  • The prism
  • The hybrid
These themes will be designed by users
  • The loyal guard
  • The shifting beast
  • The haunted spirit
  • The curse carrier
  • The fortune bringer
  • The magician of wisdom
  • The hidden city
  • Dance of wisps
  • A wish
  • Eternal eclipse

Users can vote on each others designs once the prompy ends, which means there will be 10 winners, as each title will have a winning design.

You can be assigned a random title in the discord server under the channel “Cards of hindsight sign ups” by commenting “assign me a title [insert site name]” PLEASE DO NOT PICK YOUR OWN TITLE!

Once you finish your entry you can submit it to the "Cards of hindsight submissions"

Your participation rewards can be claimed by submitting your entry to this prompt page.


  • Any art used for this prompt must be drawn by yourself, but it doesn't have to be your own character.
  • Additionally no existing bases may be used and the art/writing must be your own.
  • Artwork doesn't have to be a full body! But try to keep it a waist up
  • Can include other official Sprite Festival characters unless stated otherwise in the card above! Humans are allowed
  • Can be Traditional, Digital or other, But make sure the final image fits the assigned format given in general rules.
  • You can be assigned a max. of 2 titles! if you wish to design more than 1 card make sure to mention you want to be assigned 2 titles to work on.
  • Background is required, even if it's a solid color
  • Drawn/crafted entries must be at least a clean, sketchy and coloured fullbody.
  • No writing this prompt, sorry!


  • The required dimensions for this prompt are width 1000 pixels and lenght 1500 pixels. This can be scaled up and down (aka sizes like 500x750 or 2000x3000)
  • Art created for these prompts count as personal or gift art and do not add value.
  • Do not submit any images featuring sexual themes, hateful messages or other themes that are against our general rules
  • If doing a written entry, feel free to write something with the information given.
  • avoid adding text to the card as the text will be added by us
  • Keep in mind the winning card design will be turned into an official card collectible on the website.


Every participant receives the following

Each winner recieves

  • 100 festival tickets
  • Stack of "Cards of hindsight" (participation collectible) 
  • Their own designed card as card collectible


This prompt ends the 30th of November