Cards of hindsight

Card shop


Welcome to the December “Cards of hindsight” event. In this month you will be able to pull a card from the shop everyday until the 31th of December (26 cards in total). The store resets with a new card everyday at 6PM (CET) until the end of the event.

You are able to swap the trading channel of our discord OR sell them for festival tickets on the website if desired. The first person to pull each single card will be getting the 1000 festival chowling design or the secret mystery prize that will be revealed once the event ends. YOU CANNOT SELL CARDS FOR REAL MONEY!

You cannot trade cards for art or characters.

These are the cards you need in order to win, the first person to get all these cards can reach out to any staff member in the server to notify us about it, THEY HAVE TO BE IN YOUR INVENTORY.

  1. The prism
  2. The sun
  3. The moon
  4. The dying star
  5. The hybrid
  6. Eternal eclipse
  7. A wish
  8. Dance of wisps
  9. The loyal guard
  10. The magician of wisdom
  11. The shifting beast
  12. The curse carrier
  13. The haunted spirit
  14. The fortune bringer
  15. The hidden city

Anyone can participate in this, even people who have not entered the previous prompt.