Artist: wowitstv

Designer: wowitstv

Sale Value: €100.00

Can Transfer

Owner: NagumoFangs

Name: Unknown

Gender: He/Him

Birthday: 4 April

Zodiac: Lepus

Origin: Unknown

Occupation: Store Owner....

Song: Unknown

-Victor is a strange man who runs a vhs store on the edge of town. People don't see him often, but he always has an aura of mystery about him. His shop is stacked full of old, worn tapes, and customers would sometimes hear strange sounds coming from inside. Victor is a man of few words, but often has a sinister grin on his face. People tend to avoid Victor and his store, but some would occasionally brave the creepy atmosphere for a cheap movie night.

-How his store is still open is the real mystery. He obviously has no way to support himself financially using VHS cassettes alone.......

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Artist: wowitstv
Designer: wowitstv

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main Form

Artist: wowitstv
Designer: wowitstv

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