Designing your Chowling comes with some guidelines and rules, make sure to read through this complete guide before you start designing. Chowlings are a luxury species within the SpriteFestival universe and can only be made with a Chowling ticket. These tickets can be bought from the SpriteFestival staff or through our character slot shop. These tickets can't be sold until they are made into official designs, please make sure to check your characters value when selling however.

Chowlings their designs are based on themes, themes define their designs and how it will look like when finalised. When you obtain a Chowling ticket you have to pick a theme for it before you start designing it (as this will be logged on the website officially as well) Our theme system does not have any limits and you can pretty much go wild as long as it stays withing PG guidelines (Themes that are to long or uncanny might not be approved, we still hold the rights to refuse themes within reason) . There can't be multiple chowlings with the same theme so we track themes through our masterlist, you can look up themes in the navigation bar. Any to be made themes can be found here. we do not allow different namings and languages of the same themes such as leopard gecko and eublepharis macularius but we do allow different varations of similiar themes such as: Leopard gecko, blizzard leopard gecko, mack snow leopard gecko, black night leopard gecko etc. As long as the designs can be kept apart). 

Once you’ve thought of a theme you’d like to claim, and you’ve made sure it’s not already on the Theme Masterlist, you have to get your theme approved. To do this, just send a message through our website (here) you can add your choice of theme to the comments and ownership of make your own ticket in the URL section. Once the theme is approved you can claim it through your MYO slot. To officially claim it you'll have to open your MYO slots Masterlist entry and click on the 'Reserve theme' option on the left. There you can input your desired theme that was approved by the moderators and claim it! The site will automatically update your MYO slot to display the theme and it will be locked in for your MYO slot. (After your theme has been approved and locked in, you can no longer trade the slot. Please be 100% sure of your theme before claiming it!). There is no time limit to claiming your theme.


ticket information and additional buffs

We only sell common chowling tickets in our shops and on our social media's, meaning you can only make a chowling following the species it's standard anatomy. You can obtain a lineage heritage statue however to add to your ticket, heritage slots grant your character a lineage which alters the standard look of your character and gives them some additional buffs in our future webgame, our lineage pages explain everything from the game effect (w.i.p), to their powers and the differences in anatomy between standard and lineage characters, so if you obtained one of these statues make sure to read up on the lineage pages first before you start designing. Lineage statues are rare and hard to get but are not needed at all for your character, if you have on however and want to add it to your ticket make sure to add it from your inventory when getting the design approved. If you want to add a statue to an existing character you have to add it to a redesign.



If you are designing a Chowling (either using a MYO or a redesign) and that Chowling’s design is based off an OC or design that you own, then the new Chowling is considered to be a character transfer. What does this mean? In the case of a character transfer, the old character and design are “bound” to the Chowling. If you later decide to trade or sell this Chowling, then the old character and its design will also be traded/sold along with it. These rules are in place to make sure that new owners of a Chowling always receive all of the Chow's previous designs. It also prevents owners from selectively detaching designs they like, keeping them, and then selling the Chowling again.

For clarity’s sake, we’ll provide an example. Let’s say that Person A owns a hypothetical character design—we’ll call him Maple the maple leaf cat. Person A either obtains a MYO slot or redesigns a pre-existing Chowling. They either base the design off of Maple’s design, or intend this new Chowling to be a “Chow version” of Maple. The original character of Maple is therefore bound to this new Chowling. Later, Person A wants to sell this Chowling to Person B. If they do so, Person B would receive both the Chowling and Maple the maple leaf cat, as the two are considered to be bound together.

If you do not wish for the original character to be traded or sold along with its associated Chowling, your only option is to void the Chowling. For this reason, we encourage you to think very carefully before converting your previously owned characters or designs into Chowlings. Please also note that this term only applies to Chowlings made from a design that you own—for example, if you made a Chowling whose design was loosely inspired by Pikachu, that would not count as a character transfer, as you did not own or create the original design.


COLORS and tails

These guidelines are currently being revamped to give some more wiggle room when it comes to artistic liberty, so stay tuned for an update.



Read up on traits here, each entry explains what each individual trait does and how it's displayed, to purchase or obtain items please refer to our shop or win them in our events. There are a couple attributes in chowlings that does not require trait items at all that are stated here below, make sure the traits you use do not breach into lineage exclusive territory (as these designs will be disapproved) we also highly discourage to try and mimick the lineage traits.

Free range traits (does not need an item)


  • Eye shape and color; we are not strict when it comes down to the colors or shapes of eyes; outside of pigment mutations we allow any color and shape. Pigment mutations affect eyes in animals, for example; a character with albinism would have fully pink or a light rose eyes (sclera, iris, and pupil) and a character with melanism would have eyes that are fully dark (edging to black) - these are the only eye color restrictions.
  • Scars, disabilities, missing limbs, body types, gender and sex are free-range traits, we allow anything as long as it's respectable and nothing offensive or fetishized. Sexuality and gender are also free to be changed within the species (this includes trans identites, asexuality and polygamy) we have some of these details on character's pages and they can freely be edited by members from the editing panel on your character's profile.
  • Hair length or style; SpriteFestival species can have any kind of hairstyle, it doesn't need to match with their coat type at all and it can be any length. (or no hair at all) Fur and hair don't equal each other and if you want a different coat style for your character you are gonna need a coat trait, coat traits change the type, texture, and length of your character's coat.
  • Accessories are a free range topic, you can dress up your chowling the way you want. The only two limitations we have for accessories are costumes and in-game gear; costumes cannot be applied freely (click the hyperlink if you want to find out more about costumes) neither can in-game gear. While costumes are solely cosmetic "collectibles" in game gear has a real effect on the character (click the hyperlink if you want to find out more about gear) and needs to be bought just like costumes. any non-game affecting accessories outside of costumes can be freely added however (think of charms, bracelets, necklaces, piercings, scarves, bandanas etc.)

To get your design approved you have to send it to us, the "update design" button is located in the navigation bar on the left on your characters masterlist entry, when you click it you will be asked to fill out a form, make sure to add all traits you need and also add the items from your inventory that you will be using.





Chowlings have a unique anatomy. They are small creatures covered in short fur that is a bit longer at the rear, arms and cheeks, they have large eyes with big irises and pupils, they have a great vision and possess a third eyelid to keep dust and debris out of their eyes, they use their excellent sight in their craft and because of this have amazing eye for detail.

Chows, instead of nostrills have 3 gills on both sides of their necks, these gills are made take in air and filter out dust and other filth before it enters their lungs through small filters located in the neck, These gills were not build to breathe underwater but chows are still pretty able to stay without oxygen for quite a bit when they go out swimming. This sytem is pretty delicate and Chowlings generally are very gentle and careful and make sure to keep the areas clean, their gills are well hidden and cannot be seen naturally (open gills tends to indicate illness)

Chowlings have short stubby bodies, while they can look quite lean it is very uncommon for the species to have sunken in bellies and have all their ribs showing, a healthy chowling can be lean but will never show a lot of bone and tend to have plump bellies like lizards do. While they are stubby they are still very agille and bendable as they have a very flexible spine similiar to felines almost.

Chowlings all have a hidden pouch they keep and grow their young in, all sexes have one because both different and same sex can reproduce with anoter (all spirits are hermaphrodites) without an offspring a chowling their pouch is tightly sealed against their stomach but when carrying one the skin is loosely against the body so their offsprings can enter and exit easily.