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Avilet genes

Primary genes

Avilet traits are called primary genes, primary genes determine what kind of bodily traits an Avilet has. Primary genes cannot change the base anatomy of an Avilet and can only add things onto it. Some Avilets carry the mutation gene or crossbreed gene which can give them interesting and unusual traits. Primary traits always have to be derived from real animals unless your Avilet is a crossbreed, different rules apply to crossbreed genes.

Primary traits allow you to add things like tails, wings, horns, spikes, ears, antennas etc. You can add as many traits as you’d like as long as it doesn’t bypass the multi-limb rule, as this is a mutation gene only.

Primary genes don’t apply to an Avilets pelt please don’t obtain primary genes for the purpose of changing your Avilets pelt.

Strange genes

Strange genes are still part of primary genes but they are less commonly found in Avilet species, strange genes appear for two different reasons: genetic mutations and crossbreeding.

Blood genes

Avilets also have blood genes. Blood genes are divided in the cold blooded and warm blooded category. The blood genes influence the type of coverage their pelt has in the different places over their body, Avilets can only have one cold blooded and one warm blooded gene, you cannot mix and match. Please note primary and blood genes are different things, if your Avilet does not have any feathers on their body they can still have feathered wings or tails


Avilet’s can go through something called the chimera phenomenon. This changes the limbs an Avilet has by default (Bird legs for cold blooded and paws for warm blooded) to something of the user's choice. The chimera gene can only be obtained through events as a special reward and each chimera trait can change one limb category on an Avilet (example: change bird legs to reptile legs or changing paws to hooves) You can change arms and legs to any animal limb that exists out and this is not affected by the warm blooded and cold blooded parts (for example, cold blooded part of the Avilets body can still have hooves as long as they aren't covered in fur)

Each limb changed equals one chimera gene, chimera genes are given out in pairs of 2.