A two week long Feature Prompt with rotating Chowlings.

Welcome to the Spotlight Prompt!

Every 15 days a new chow get's picked to be featured in this Prompt.

Every member has the opportunity to draw the currently featured Chowling and submit their piece in the prompt and in return get a small reward (see rewards below). At the end of each Feature period a raffle from all entries will randomly determine the next person who's chowling will be in the Spotlight!

This prompt refreshed every month on the 1st and 15th of the month. Meaning there's a total of two seperate Chowling features per month

  • First one Starts on the 1st at 12 am of each month and ends on the 15th at 23 pm
  • Second feature starts on the 16th at 12 am and ends on the 30th at 23 pm

This current prompt will close on Sunday the 15th of Febuary at 11pm CET.


NEW IMPORTANT: In order to get rolled for the next Spotlight Chow you MUST fill out this form once!
[LINK TO FORM] If the form isn't filled out by you we can't roll you for the next feature!



This Chowling is owned by DR34MR0T !


The currently featured Chowling is the lovely Shin!

Shin goes by he/him and is in his late 20's.

Please keep the following things in mind when drawing this Chowling:

  • can be drawn with other Chowlings
  • can be drawn with his added accessories
  • can be simplified
  • don't draw with different accessories
  • don't removing anything from his initial design
  • General art rules apply


Important design aspects:

  • -


  • Any art submitted must be new and made as gift art for this prompt! No previous pieces, commissions, trades, etc allowed
  • Additionally no existing bases may be used and the art/writing must be your own.
  • Can include other official Sprite Festival characters unless stated otherwise in the card above! Human Forms are also allowed!
  • Can be Traditional, Digital or other!
  • You can make up to 3 submissions per featured Chowling!
  • NEW: After submitting your first ever submission to this prompt make sure to fill out this form: [LINK TO FORM]. It is neccesary if you'd like to be featured at a future Spotlight prompt. More info in the Form itself
  • Written entries must have a minimum of 400 words.
  • Drawn/crafted entries must be at least a clean, sketchy and coloured bust up.

 This does not count as a Bust up! It is a Headshot


  This does count as a Bust up!


  • Each person can only be rolled to have the Chow of the month every 6 months earliest. Meaning once someone was rolled to have their Chow featured, none of their other Chows may be featured again for the following 6 months. The user may still participate in the prompt though, to still receive the other rewards
  • Users can make up to 3 submissions per featured Chow, but only the first grants them a raffle ticket for the next Featured Chowling.
  • Owner of the cotm has to be ok with the fact that their Chow may not be drawn 100% accurately. We’ll give them the opportunity to add facts and a few “Do’s and Don’ts” to their Chow but they may not complain about any art received unless it is against the rules or doesn’t resemble the cotm.
    • Example: if the colors are not 100% matching (bc of traditional art, filters, etc) that’s still a valid entry and we won’t deny the submission. On the other hand; if a chow is missing main components or important parts of their design we may reject the submission for missing accuracy to the design; same thing if the chow is drawn in a way the owner specifically pointed out is not alright with them BEFORE the prompt officially started
  • any art the chow receives adds NO value to the Chowling since it’s free giftart
  • Do not submit any images featuring extreme gore, sexual themes, hateful messages or other themes that are against our general rules


Every participant receives the following:

  • 1x Ticket into the raffle for the next featured Chowling (only for the first submission)
  • 1x Ticket into the Big Year long Raffle (one Ticket per submission)
  • 3x platinum tokens (the currency may change each month)
  • 20x Festival Tickets

REMINDER! You must have filled out the Google Form (linked multiple times throughout the prompt page) in order to have a chance to be featured in the future! Otherwise your raffle entry will be removed

What's the Big Year long Raffle?

This is a collective raffle where every participant get's a Ticket for every entry they make in this prompt. At the end of the Year we will be rolling this raffle and giving away prizes like MYO slots, Items and more!

What happens if I get rolled but I don't own a Chowling?

In that case the winner will receive the following:

  • 2x extra entries in the Big Year long Raffle
  • 20x Bronze Coins
  • A trait item of their choice
  1. First you need a link to your submission so we can check it out! For this please upload your Art or writing in the 'Spotlight Prompt' Gallery! We only accept submissions that have been uploaded to the gallery.
  2. Go back to this prompt and at the bottom of this page and click on the 'Submit Prompt' Button. This will open a Prompt form for you to fill out. All you have to fill out here are the following points:
  • Put the link to your piece into 'Submission URL'
  • Under characters click 'Add character' and add the Character code of the featured Chowling. The character code is C- followed by the Chowlings masterlist number. For example: C-000
  • Do not add any rewards! All rewards are already added to your submission automatically.
  • And now click 'Submit' at the bottom right and you're done^^
Lastly a NEW but mandatory step! After you've made your first submission to the spotlight prompt make sure to fill out this Form [LINK TO FORM] in order to be elligible for any of the following Spotlight features.
Ends: 5 days from now