Monthly Reccuring Writing Prompt - February's Theme: Me, Myself and I

Welcome to the monthly 'Dear Diary Prompt'!

For all the avid writers out there, this is a prompt just for you!

Reading your wonderful stories in the past has been such a delight for us, and we want to see more from you with this monthly prompt!


  This month's theme is: Me, Myself and I

February is the month of Valentine's day! Although many people celebrate this with those they love, who's to say you can't have the day to give yourself some well needed self-love?! For this prompt, we want you to write about your Chowling's favourite things about themself included in a day of them doing things they love to do!



  • This month's theme is 'Me, Myself and I', but the interpretation of the theme is up to you!
  • This is a writing only Prompt!
    • Writing must be a minimum of 300 words!
  • You cannot use other prompt work, previous pieces, commissions, trades, etc as entries!
  • Can include Chowlings, Avilets or Familiars!


  • You can submit to this prompt up to twice per month!
  • Any writing made adds NO value to the characters drawn since it’s personal or prompt art
  • Do not submit any content containing NSFW or themes that are against our general rules
  • When including other characters, make sure to get permission of the owner of the character first before adding them to your writing!


Every participant receives the following for each submission:
  • 8x Copper Tokens
  • 30x Festival Tickets
For your submissions you will need a url link, there are multiple ways you can link your entry!

For your written entries, you can either:

  • Write your entry on site through the comment section or write your entry as a Literature in the Chowling Gallery! [Link to submit to the gallery]
  • Write your entry using external softwares, as long as a link is available for mods to view your work!

Once you have a link go to the ‘Submit prompt’ Button at the bottom of this page, fill out all the info in the form and finish off with the ‘submit’ button at the end of the page. Over the next few days a Moderator will manually check and approve your Prompt and your rewards will be automatically sent to your account!