Donate some money to Cats in need and get the Wings Trait in return! Click “Show Details” for more info!


This is the prompt to receive an exclusive Trait: The Wings trait, given in the form of the Little white doves (wings) item! With this trait, you may add one pair of wings to your Chowling! These wings can be anything from webbed wings, insect wings, or feathered wings! The sky (ha) is the limit!

Unlike most traits that are earned from on-site currency or through prompts, this trait is one of the few that is exclusively earned through MONETARY DONATIONS!

The donations this time will be going to Cats of San Bernardino! A nonprofit cat rescue in California state! This rescue specializes in the rescue, care, rehabilitation, and adoption of cats of all shapes and sizes! We are so excited to give them some support!


To receive one (1) Little White Doves item, you must donate AT LEAST 15 US DOLLARS to this link:

Every multiple of 15 you donate, you will receive another Little White Doves item! (Eg. If you donate 45 USD, you would receive 3 Little White Doves!)

For every Little White Dove you earn, you will also receive 10 Copper Tokens!

For your first donation of over 15 USD, you will also be entered in a raffle for this Cattail themed Chowling + familiar made by Saunt!
Every user who donates can only be entered once into the raffle no matter how often or much above 15 USD they donate!

Once you have donated, please upload proof of your donation via an image sharing site (Imgur, Discord, and submit your proof in the “Submission Url” section of the prompt!

Examples of proof of donation are below:

We will then confirm the donation and give out the correct amount of items and raffle entry for your donation! 

This prompt will stay open until December 4th at 1AM CST/7pm EST/4 pm PST (December 3rd) Get your donations in before then!

Thank you in advance for donating to a great cause!

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