Robuprawns are in the process of being voided as an obtainable species due to their strong similarity to Chowlings. Fear not, anyone who has a robu can keep them as they are no matter what happens as it is your character. We will be offering alternatives to people who wish to change their robuprawn to one of our future pet grade or mount species. More updates about this soon!

These robuprawns are usually about the size of a house cat (though they can be larger) and are kept as a luxury pet among sushlings. These mischievous little creatures can sometimes be stubborn and hard to control, but they are hard to resist because of their cuteness. These sub-species love to be pampered and spoiled by their owners, and they can even be taught a handful of tricks, as they are a rather intelligent and crafty species. These robuprawns have thumb-like digits on the side of their front paws, which they use to grab rocks to break open clams and other animals with a hard shell. They also have mammalian whiskers by default to navigate their surroundings.