Avilets are an ancient spirit species that vanished for years, they were thought to be extinct, leaving no traces behind but their builds and some objects that represented them. However, Avilets started reappearing after being gone for years with quite large numbers but most of them had no memory from the time of their disappearance nor how they disappeared in the first place, this raised a lot of questions as to how a whole civilization could vanish and appear again out of nowhere. Avilets their return is rather recent and we don’t have much information about them yet outside of some small tidbits, but research is being done on the species and their history. Perhaps, someday we'll know more about their disappearance and what caused it as well.


Origin bells

Avilets commonly carry around bells, these bells are attached to their outfits and have unique engravings on them that look similar to the language chowlings use for birth tags. The engravings on the bells is a spirit language derived from the original language that birth tag creators use to make their tags, this language is called “song of the sun”. Origin bells come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and even quantities, these bells are handcrafted to each have a unique sound. The unique sounds of origin bells are supposed to represent the avilet their own “song”, giving each bell its unique sound can also tell other spirits about individual Avilets. Origin bells are inspired by song birds and birds in general, birds using sounds to communicate inspired Avilets to create their own form of communication that did not involve a strict alphabet, which was easy to recreate with their own unique bells.


Avilets have a deep connection to outfits like Chowlings, however this connection is completely different to Avilets. Avilets wear all sorts of attire, most commonly things such as: Ropes, thistles, scarves, bandanas, bracelets, ribbons and trinkets, this is only a fraction of what Avilets can wear though. Avilets their outfits depended on their status and location, while this was not a super strict code the species followed, it was often quite often obvious what the status was of individual Avilets.


Avilets their anatomy is a pretty big mystery currently, all we know is that these spirits are half cold blooded and half warm blooded. Avilets their head, front legs and front of their neck are cold blooded and feel cold to touch, these areas also never seem to be covered in fur and only in either: scales, bare skin or armor. Their body, hind legs, cheeks and a streak on their head are warm blooded and are covered in fur, feathers or wool. This is currently all we know about their base anatomy, we are still researching more about their more extensive anatomy.