Designing a familiar isn't restrictive and they can look about anything, just make sure you follow the guidelines when it comes to the size of your familiar as this tends to vary per familiar type. In order to be able to design a familiar, you need to get a familiar ticket which can be bought in the character slot shop. Once you have your familiar ticket, you can select it from your inventory and "use" the slot, this should make the slot and put it under your MYO slots.

Design guidelines

  • We allow gore, creepy and horror designs but these designs will be flagged on the site.
  • Make sure the familiar looks alive, even if it's based on an object.
  • NO human familiars unless its like a doll, wooden figure etc. Familiars are pets.
  • Please do not turn chowlings/ chowling look alikes into familiars.
  • Outside of humans, any creature is fine for inspiration.
  • You can make your familiar similiar to your character but keep in mind they are bound together and if one is voided they will stick together and cannot be sold apart on our website.
  • No sexual or inappropiate designs. These creatures are pets and we do not condone making designs like this for a pet, animal-like creature.
  • Be creative! You can take inspiration from other designs but the more unique the better.

If you are uncertain about your design send it in eitherway through the design submission feature on your familiar ticket, if anything is wrong a moderator will send back the design with a comment. When submitting your MYO make sure to link the character you want to bind your familiar to, familiars MUST be bound to another character and cannot be bound to another familiar


Familiars are a pet-grade species that can take on any form of any creature you can think of and more. These creatures were created by elder spirits as a gift to younger spirits. Elder spirits would carry a wisp lantern, a hand-held glass lantern that contained a mythical ‘wisp’ within. Wisps are essentially packets of sentient energy that could be given any shape or form by the elder spirits to fit the needs of any young spirit. Once wisps are transformed by an elder, they become a familiar and act akin to a pet and friend to their new owner. Familiars are inherently loyal, protective, intelligent, and attached to their owner, and are known to be a best friend for life. The spirit of a familiar is bound to the soul of their original owner and cannot be transferred or given to a new one. If, however, a familiar becomes unbound from their original owner, the familiar will become wild, dangerous, and uncontrollable until they become rebound to their original owner or until they revert to their original wisp form. If a familiar ever returns to their wisp form, it will have no previous memories, and essentially reverts back to a blank state. A reverted wisp can also be recaptured by an elder with a wisp lantern, and the wisp can be transformed and given to a new owner.

In the official Sprite Festival game, familiars are also powerful and beneficial beings that can help you in certain aspects of the game as you play