A very very very populair fruit, tunuppy fruit is the most desired fruit on the market due to its fresh sweet flavour. Tunuppy fruit is used in a lot of products such as candy, soda, tea and even salads, it goes great paired with almost any other fruit as well. Tunuppy fruit comes from a small garden spirit species called tunuppies (TBA) tunuppies produce seeds that grow into a plant which yields a single fruit per plant. within the fruit grows a tunuppy, if its fertilised by another tunuppy's spores, if not the fruit will be infertile, making it viable for consumption. Tunuppy fruit is grown under strict conditions in a freezing enviorment, to ensure the fruits are infertile (tunuppies don't spawn in the cold) making them only available in February. Fertile tunuppy fruits are bitter and are a blue and orange colour.

Using tunuppy fruit gives your character any kind of ears