Create your own SpriteFestival familiar, familiars are pet grade creatures kept by spirits, these creatures originated from wisps, small pockets of sentient energy that where turned into creatures for pet keeping purposes by spirits. Familiars are loyal, kind and keep their owner company. Familiars form bonds for life with their owner and cannot be seperated, this means when you bind a familiar to a character it will automatically be transfered with it.

This ticket grants you permission to make a pet familiar for your SpriteFestival character, familiars can take on any shape or form so the guidelines and restrictions are rather minimal, we do however flag things such as gore, body horror and phobia oriented designs and we do not allow anything PG as these are pet characters. Keep in mind these characters do not work the same as other SpriteFestival characters they are merely pets and cannot be played with in the game, as we develop this project they can be used for other purposes to progress but you will never play as one. Is this not what you are looking for? please refer to our other character tickets. 


Have a slot and don't know what to do now? please refer to our design guide first, if you have another question please send us a message.