Boss of the box  



Draw your CHOWLING in a box!


Just a silly little prompt for silly little Chowlings! Does your Chowling find boxes intriguing? Filling their mind with an endless void of curiosity? Well this will be right up their street! Whether it's dressing up as a box robot, being the boss of their own box fort or simply just sitting in a box (that is totally too small for them to fit in!), we want you to draw your Chowling interacting with a box!


Do you not have a Chowling? No worries, we in fact have our Chowling Mascot Lou (Reference Below!) you are free to use if you wish! Alternatively you can search the Masterlist for Chowlings with the 'Open for Giftart' and 'Open for Writing' tags or you can ask other members in #chowling-art-requests (in our Discord Server) for permission to use their Chowlings!

  • Draw your Chowling inside or playing with a box! 
  • As long as a box is present in your submission, it can be any material and your Chowling can interact with it as you wish!
  • Fullbody is required, but it can be in a Chibi Style if you wish!


  • Any art used for this prompt must be drawn by yourself, it doesn't have to be your own character.
  • Additionally no existing bases may be used and the art/writing must be your own.
  • Can include other official Sprite Festival characters unless stated otherwise in the card above! Human Forms are not allowed this time!
  • Can be Traditional, Digital or other!
  • You can make up to 3 submissions per prompt!
  • Drawn entries must be at least a clean, sketchy and coloured fullbody.


  • Users can make up to 3 submissions per prompt.
  • Art created for these prompts count as personal or gift art and do not add value.
  • Do not submit any images featuring sexual themes, hateful messages or other themes that are against our general rules
  • You cannot use the same artwork for multiple prompts!


Every participant receives the following:

  • 25 festival tickets
For your submissions you will need a url link, there are multiple ways you can link your entry!

Some useful ways are:

  • Upload your work to the 'SpriteFestival artwork' Gallery! You can do this by going to the gallery and clicking 'submit' in the in the top right!
  • Upload your work to if you have a DeviantArt account, copy the link and add it to your submission!
  • You can send it in the community discord and copy the message link to put in your submission!
  • You can upload it to the character's toyhouse, view the image from there and copy that link to pop in your submission!

Once you have a link go to the ‘Submit prompt’ Button at the bottom of this page, fill out all the info in the form and finish off with the ‘submit’ button at the end of the page. Over the next few days a Moderator will manually check and approve your Prompt and your rewards will be automatically sent to your account!
Ends: 5 days from now