Spritesheet event

Welcome to the first (sorta) game related mini event! This small event will run from today until the 1st of October. 

For this event, the community will have an opportunity to prepare for the game’s sprite customisation and to create some time for it while also being able to win cool items in the process. If a time extension is needed it can be considered.

What will you be doing for this event? To enter you will be drawing your character, a friend's character or a character that's open for gift art as a sprite (feel free to ask around our discord for this) Once you finish the sprite you can upload it to the prompt section and will be entered into one of the raffles.

Best software for this event is Aseprite but any software that allows pixel art works.

Guidelines on drawing the spritesheets
  • Spritesheets show the character from 3 angles currently: front, side and back. This is crucial when you are walking around the game.
  • There are 2 kinds of movement on the spritesheet currently: idle and walking. Idle will only have one frame (on our old sprite sheet it's more but this is outdated, if you already animated an idle with more than one frame do keep it for future animations though) and the walking animation has 6 frames, this stands for all angles.
  • The kind of animation you can do is not bound to the base, you can entirely make your own sprite animation as long as you stick to the amount of frames provided in the spritesheet.
  • We will provide a Chowling base and an empty template, if you do not want to spend time figuring out how to make your own animation you can simply draw over the base.
  • In order for your entry to count you have to fill in the full spritesheet. Spritesheets can be uploaded as PNG to the website.


Here is an example of a finished sprite sheet


Break down of the sprite sheet template








(completely blank template for custom animations rather than base animations)


Each of these little “cubes” stands for a singular frame canvas. You can not make your character larger than one of these cubes and long tails should be drawn to fit.


Each sprite sheet cell has a hitbox, this is where your character gets hit by enemies and where it will be walking into obstacles. If not using the base we recommend having the body be drawn within the hit box!

Important: the size of the whole canvas should stay the same, otherwise the website will not accept your sprite sheet in the future game (sizing should remain 480x440 pixels)


If you are not interested in making your own animation, feel free to use this base and simply draw your character over it.

Event rules
  • Sprite sheets drawn on the base (provided base) = 1 raffle ticket
  • Spritesheets drawn from complete scratch (your own base) = 3 raffle tickets
  • You can enter multiple times by making multiple sprite sheets (Max. amount of entries is 4 times)
  • Make sure to confirm you have proof to use other people their Chowlings if you aren't using your own.
  • We do not have any NPC to use for this event.
  • Be respectful towards others and their characters.
  • The spritesheet should look like the character, if the spritesheet doesnt look like the selected Chowling at all it will be denied.
  • If your sprite sheet isn't 100% correct we won't deny your entry, you will just have to fix it for the game later.
  • Requirements for this event are: Idle and walk animations from all angles shown above.
  • Sprite sheet must be uploaded as PNG (transparent background)

For this event you can enter raffles for a few different prizes, this is the selection you can pick from when entering.

How to enter a raffle
  1. Draw your sprite sheet and upload it to this prompt page (make sure to attach the character that you drew)
  2. Write in the description which raffle you want to enter (you can only select one unless you drew your sprite sheet from scratch, then you can select 3)
  3. You will be manually added to the raffle page
  4. The raffle will be rolled at the end of the event