Monthly Wardrobe Prompt - February's Theme: Opposites Attract

Welcome to the monthly 'Wardrobe Prompt'!

Outfits are very special to Chowlings, before tags existed it was very much a way of expressing themselves! Even now with the Root Members creating tags for Chowlings, outfits are an important part of expression, happiness and identity!

This Monthly Reccuring Prompt allows users to create some fun and interesting outfits for their Chowlings, with the prompt theme refreshing each month!


  This month's theme is: Opposites attract!  

Some days you just want to change things up, have dessert for breakfast, wear sunglasses in winter or in this case, wear something you would never usually wear! For this prompt we want you to design an outfit for your Chowling that is the opposite to something they'd usually wear!


Do you not have a Chowling? No worries, we have our Chowling Mascot Lou (Reference Below!) that you are free to use if you wish! Alternatively you can search the Masterlist for Chowlings with the 'Open for Giftart' and 'Open for Writing' tags or you can ask other members in #chowling-art-requests (in our Discord Server) for permission to use their Chowlings!



Here is a clear Mannequin for you to use (optional):

This Mannequin base has been drawn by GreenBean


  • This month's theme is 'Opposites Attract', but the interpretation of the theme is up to you!
  • This is an art only prompt!
  • You are free to use the base provided (this is optional)!
  • You cannot use other prompt work, previous pieces, commissions, trades, etc as entries!
  • Can include Chowlings or Avilets! Human Forms are also allowed!
  • One Chow per submission!


  • You can submit to this prompt up to three times per month!
  • Any art made adds NO value to the characters drawn since it’s personal or prompt art
  • Do not submit any images featuring extreme gore, sexual themes, hateful messages or other themes that are against our general rules
  • When drawing other characters, make sure to get permission of the owner of the character first before drawing them


Every participant receives the following for each submission:
  • 5x Copper Tokens
  • 20x Festival Tickets (30 if not using base!)
For art submissions you will need a url link, there are multiple ways you can link your entry!

Some useful ways are:

  • Upload your work to the 'SpriteFestival artwork' Gallery! You can do this by going to the gallery and clicking 'submit' in the in the top right!
  • Upload your work to if you have a DeviantArt account, copy the link and add it to your submission!
  • You can send it in the community discord and copy the message link to put in your submission!
  • You can upload it to the character's toyhouse, view the image from there and copy that link to pop in your submission!

Once you have a link go to the ‘Submit prompt’ Button at the bottom of this page, fill out all the info in the form and finish off with the ‘submit’ button at the end of the page. Over the next few days a Moderator will manually check and approve your Prompt and your rewards will be automatically sent to your account!