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Traveler introduction
Your registered character will show up when reacting to dialogue, some of the traveler dialogue introductions are simply for fun while some have some important tidbits you need to memorize or screenshot. It will be mentioned ahead if dialogue cannot be replayed because that's the case in some situations, so stay alert. Since we just started this prompt you will be able to replay dialogue whenever.

Register your character first here in our discord. After you have done the registration you are free to add your character to the traveler dialogue section under your user profile settings, only then it will show up on the website too.

  • No double account foraging, you can only forage with your main account. Cheating results into a ban for all future events.
  • You can't sell SpriteFestival items but you can trade/ gift some of them, but this depends on the item.
  • You can only forage once every 24 hours and you can only forage in one spot.
  • This foraging moment lasts 2 weeks, Until the 17th of December.
  • Remember to forage daily, it will help you and your peers down the road.
  • Everyone can forage, even users without a character, you don't need to registered a character either to forage for these prompts



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