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Greed of light event

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Hello everyone

We have been planning an event for a while now and we have finally been able to post more information about it. You can read up about the event tidbits here. It is currently not open yet and there are no prompts but you can register your SpriteFestival character already in our RPG discord server if you are 16+ or in our Official discord server if you are 14+. We will be working on official site registrations for the next event to make registering characters more convenient. You can also enter with free to use characters that we will introduce before the event officially opens, you don't need to register these free to use characters and anyone can enter with them. If you are interested in this event keep a close eye on the prompt page and join our Discords for direct updates about the event (you can find our discords on our Carrd) follow our instagram for the prompt polls too.

Subtype update

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15/8/2022 website update
Hello everyone, We are here to announce an overdue update about our subtype system (subtypes like victual, biota, toy and ancient) for weeks I have been thinking about how we can make this more interesting because right now, all subtypes do is affect the way themes work, so far this has caused quite some confusion and a lot of people tend to confuse subtypes and lineages with another because of the lack of functionality within subtypes. After a lot of pondering and discussions with the mods we have decided to swap subtypes out with something else. What does this mean? This means subtypes will no longer determine your character's theme and you are free to pick any theme you can think of WITHIN reason, without subtypes limiting the themes you can pick from. (of course we have the right to deny themes within reason such as an attempt of copying, inappropriate themes and triggering themes) this allows people to get more creative with their theme choices and designs.
Subtypes will be swapped out with another system that's gonna come into play within the game, subtypes will be determining your characters stat progression as you play and battle, each of the sub types will be renamed and given its statistical focus (such as power, speed, defense, fortune etc.) and when your character levels up your character will progress faster in some factors while being a bit slower in others (more details about this later please stay tuned)
This means we will be revamping how species pages look and work a bit later! This transition won’t be done right away but for all MYO holders, you are now free to pick any theme! For “subtype” aka "rank" assignment, this will become a randomized system. This change does NOT change anything about your character
> subtypes will be changed with a different system that will 
have an in game effect and will soon be renamed to “ranks”
> There won’t be any changes to your character outside of the name change
> You can now pick themes that used to be off limits due to the subtype limitation 
> Your character “rank” cannot be changed from what it is now! 
> “ranks” will be assigned randomly 
> While themes are more free reign now we still hold the right to decline within reasoning, we will be working on a more detailed guideline system for themes soon
> While these names might not be permanent, you can find the changes so far here:
Thanks for your patience, if you have any questions feel free to ask.

News revamp

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Hello everyone,

We have updated our news posts a little bit as we are planning to use this feature more often for our non discord users. All news posts will appear as a notification but also on our front page so it's easy to access for everyone.