This is the Sprite Festival official ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ page.
If you cannot find an answer to your question here, make sure to read through both our Rules and/or our Species info. If either of those pages also cannot answer your question, send in a comment at the bottom of this page or ask a mod in the #admin-ask channel of our official Discord or use our anonymous Question Form.

This page will be updated regularly to include new information and important questions.



EMAIL And Profile

I signed up for an account on the site, but I’m not getting the verification email.

Please troubleshoot using the methods below:

  • Did you use Gmail? Gmail is the only email platform that allows emails from Chowlingspecies.com, as most other email platforms usually block emails from the site.
  • Please wait at least 30 minutes, and resend the email if you still have not received it. 
  • Search “Chowlings” or "Sushlings"  in your email provider's search tab.
  • Check your spam folder for the email.


I did all of the above, but I am still not getting a confirmation email!

Please contact one of our moderators and they will manually approve you!



How do I change my profile picture/ customize my profile/ change my email / password?

If you click on your username on the very right of your Taskbar, you’ll get a dropdown menu that includes the ‘Settings’ option. Here you can change all of your profile’s settings including your profile picture, your bio, email and password.

Please note that there’s currently only one theme, so changing from dark to classic won’t make any visual difference.


How do I send an item/ currency to another user?

Items can simply be transferred through your Inventory. 

First, select the item you’d like to transfer. Then check the box to the left of the specific item you’d like to send, and select the desired quantity on the right. Finally, press ‘Transfer Item,’ input the recipient's username, and hit transfer. The item will now automatically be sent from your inventory to the other recipient's inventory. 

The process of transferring currency is very similar, but can’t directly be accessed through your bank in your profile. To find the right page, go to the homepage and click on ‘Bank’. On this page, you can see an overview of all your currency and also select the recipient, type of currency, and the quantity you’d like to send. Similar to the process for transferring items, the currency will automatically be transferred to the recipient once everything is filled out and sent.



Sprite Festival Characters

What is Sprite Festival?

Sprite Festival is the Title of the Game we are currently creating. This game will be playable with your characters and NPCs. More info on this will be announced soon!


What is a Chowling?

Chowlings are a closed Species created and owned by Sauntproof. 

These mainly feral critters are spirit-like creatures that live among humans on earth. They are very intelligent and have adjusted very well to humans’ speech, norms, and way of life. Even though Chowlings are spirits, they are still bound to their mortal body; they can feel hunger, fall sick, etc. Chowlings still have spiritual connections, which gives them the ability to shapeshift and take a human form. Being in their regular form is not taboo, though-- Chowlings just like to fit in when it comes to larger crowds.

More info on them can be found on their species page.


Are Chowlings an open or closed species?

Technically, they are a closed species, but we are in no way ‘gatekeeping’ the concept of these critters. If you want to make characters similar to them, go ahead! We ask that you do not call them Chowlings or mention Sprite Festivals name in association with these ‘fan-made' characters.

Also, personal use is fine, but please do not make 'fan-made' Chow-inspired characters to sell for profit.

Do I need a Chowling to join the site, game or Discord server?

Nope! You do not need your own Sprite Festival character to join the community. Both the site and our Discord are open to any members and are safe for all ages [13+].


Who can make Chowlings?

Only Sauntproof and handpicked Guest Artists are allowed to make Chowlings.


How do I get an official Chowling?

Chowlings can be purchased from Saunt or official Guest Artists when new ones are put up for sale. We also occasionally run raffles or ‘Draw to Adopt’ events that you can participate in for a chance to win a free Chowling! These are mainly sold on our Instagram, Twitter or Discord.

Finally, you can also get a Chow from other members who are selling or trading theirs. Keep an eye out on the #sales-and-trades channel on the Discord server for posts, as most Chowling owners are active in the Discord. 


If a Chowling is not listed for sale or trade, please do not contact the owner to ask if you can purchase or trade to obtain them. Failure to follow this rule will result in a warning.

For more information on obtaining Chowlings, or other Sprite Festival Characters see the Buying / Selling section of the FAQ!


What can I do with my Sprite Festival Characters?

You can use your characters for full personal use, just like any other character you own: draw them, roleplay with them, commission art or items like plushies, etc. Additionally, the website also contains creative prompts, events, and mini-games that you can participate in with your characters.


Is there any lore to keep in mind while developing my Chowling?

Chowlings do not have their own ‘galaxy or world’ and instead live on the Earth among humans. They are sentient, intelligent spirit creatures that speak human languages. There will be more lore released in the future, but it's okay if you decide not to use the canon Chowling lore when it comes to any personal development.

For more information on Chowlings, including their lore, check out this page.


Can I redesign my characters?

Yes! You are free to do what you want with your character's design. If you want to have the redesign officially added to the Masterlist as a secondary reference, please follow our Redesign Rules. Please note that it is against the rules to recolor or edit Saunt’s or any Guest Artist’s artwork for your redesign. You must draw it yourself or commission new artwork!

If you would like your new design to be the official Masterlist image, you will need a rebase from one of our official artists. Look for commission openings in the #advertisements or #rebase-info channels on our Discord!


Can a Chowlings Lineage [Status], Rank or theme be changed/upgraded?

No, the Rank and Theme cannot be changed. Only the Lineage of a Chowling may be changed if the User obtains and applies one of the very rare Lineage upgrades.
Ranks are applied completely randomly and have no correlation to the theme or lineage of the Chowling.
Special exceptions can be made by Sauntproof, but these are extremely rare and need a very good reason to happen. Please do not ask Sauntproof or any Moderators if your Chowlings Rank or Lineage can be changed/ added unless you have a good reason like stated before or you own a lineagr updade item.


Are there any free traits I can add to my Chowling?

Yes there are! The free traits you can give your Chowling are the Hood, Bandana and Headband. These can be added, changed or removed whenever you like without needing to buy an Item.


This Chowling is missing a trait/ has traits not visible on their design. Is this alright?

If you find a Chowling that is clearly missing an obvious trait, please inform a moderator and we will add their missing trait shortly.

However, if a Chowling seems to have traits listed that are not visible in their design, it is likely because the owner added the trait themselves, or because the designer wanted the Chow to have this trait added. This does not need to be reported or changed. Only if you find your own character to have more traits than originally planned then you may contact a moderator to remove the access traits.


What are Robuprawns? Do I need a Chowling to make a Robuprawn?

Robuprawns are a luxury pet species for Chowlings. You do not need a Chowling to make a Robuprawn! Anyone can make them, and MYO slots for them can be bought in our Cash Shop through Paypal.

For Robuprawn design rules and more information, check out this page.


What are Familiars? Do I need a Chowling to make a Familiar? How can I get a Familiar?

Familiars are our second companion species. These companions are always magically bound to their respective Chowling. Therefore you need to own a Chowling to also own a Familiar. 

Every Chowling can have a max of 3 Familiars bound to them. The only way to obtain Familiars for your Chowling is by commissioning an official Guest Artist. 

Familiars can have any form and appearance and do not have to adhere to any particular traits or anatomy. You can find examples in our Familiar Masterlist. Lore and more info on Familiars will be added soon!


I want to draw a Chowling. Where can I get permission from the character owner or see which Chowlings are open for gift art?

You can find Chowlings that are open for gift art by using the 'Advanced Search Options' on the Masterlist! Once finished, you can post your gift art to the #Chowling-art channel on the Discord server, Chowling's website Gallery, and/or submit it to our Gift Art prompt to earn 5 Silver coins!


Can I create merchandise of my Chowling to sell?

Yes! You are allowed to sell stickers, charms, pins, etc., of your Chowling, but a few rules need to be followed. 

You may only sell merchandise of Sprite Festival Characters that you personally own. You may not sell merchandise of NPCs/Saunt’s Chowlings/the Chowling brand as a whole, and you must credit Sauntproof for the creation of the Chowling species.


Do I need to make an account on the website to own a Sprite Festival Character?

Yes. If you really do not want to make an account on the site, please tell Saunt, a moderator or the GA selling their design beforehand so the Chowling is not uploaded to the Masterlist.

Please note that Chowling that is not uploaded to the site will be considered a regular themed character and NOT a Chowling! So if you want your Chowling to count as an official member of the species, you must make an account on the website. 

All Chowlings that are already on the Masterlist will remain there unless the owner wishes to permanently void them. Members who are banned from the species may keep their characters, but as a themed OC only. The characters are removed from the Masterlist and no longer count as an official Chowling. More on voiding and removing characters from the species can be found in the ‘Voiding’ section of our Rules page.


Do MYO slots expire/ have a deadline?

No, none of the MYO slots for any of our species come with a deadline. Take all the time you need to create a character that you are truly happy with.


[How] Can I void my Chowling/Robuprawn/Familiar?

Members are allowed to void their characters at any time without question from the mod team or any other members. Once you have fully decided to void your character, you may request to message a moderator to assist you in the voiding process. 

Please be aware: Voided characters can no longer be associated with Chowlings and may only be brought back into the Species if a new MYO slot is acquired by the current owner of the design. We also ask members to respect other members' wishes when they choose to void their character and not bring it up in discussion.


How do I become a Guest Artist?

We open Guest Artist Applications every couple of months in our Discord. Once they are open, anyone is free to apply to become a temporary guest artist. 

Permanent Guest Artists are only chosen by Saunt’s discretion. You cannot apply to become a permanent Guest Artist any may not ask Saunt to become one.


What are the rules for Guest Artists / What can Guest Artists create?

With every Guest Artist Application opening we will lay out the current rules and creation limits for the next set of GAs. Usually the running time for Guest Artists is one month in which they can create a set number of new adoptables, an undefined number of rebases as well as an undefined number of familiars and robuprawns.





What is the Cash Shop?

The Cash Shop is where one of our in-game currencies [Gold Coins] and Robuprawn MYO slots can be bought using Paypal. Items in the Cash Shop can be purchased through PayPal only! Purchases from the Cash Shop are non-refundable, so please make sure you are certain about your purchase.


What are the items on the website used for?

Many of the items on the site are accessories and traits that you can add to your Chowling. Each item has its own description of what it is and what it does.


What do the different traits accessories, appearance, etc. mean?

TRAITS - “Traits” are what we call certain physical characteristics of each Chowling. They are what make a Chow unique and recognizable! 

Items can be used to customize your character’s traits and their appearance. You can choose to have fun with it and give your Chow a personalized touch to fit a specific theme or aesthetic, or you can increase their rarity and coolness factor by upgrading traits to more uncommon ones.

Accessories fall under traits as well. Although a Chow can wear anything their heart desires, only the accessories that fall under the trait list are recognized as canon. Additionally, the Chow can only be drawn with those accessories when they’re applied as traits for in-game purposes, like trials or events!

ACCESSORIES - Accessories are small clothing items you can purchase and use on your Chowling! They include items like bandannas, satchels, baskets, charms, caps, hoods, and more. All accessories can be seen here and bought from the various shops! 

APPEARANCE - Appearance traits change things about your Chowling’s, well, appearance! These changes can vary from unusual bodily variations such as horns, ears, wings, and extra fur, to special skin colors such as melanistic, albino, dyed, and vitiligo. All appearance-related traits can be found right here and bought from the various shops! 

You can also view our encyclopedia of the various traits and see their corresponding rarities.


What are the different currencies, and what can they buy? / How can I obtain coins?

The currency used on the Chowlings website is called coins, and there are currently five different kinds. They all have different worths and each kind can be used to purchase different types of items! 

GOLD - Gold coins are purchased with real-world currency via PayPal or credit card. 1 GC is equal to €1, and they can always be purchased in the Cash ShopGold can be used to purchase clothes and accessories in the Gold Shop and be exchanged for Silver coins with our currency converter. The exchange rate is 1:1. That is, 1 Gold Coin = 1 Silver Coin. Remember that you can only exchange Gold for Silver and not vice versa! 

SILVER - Silver coins can be purchased with Gold and Bronze coins and earned by completing prompts. They can be used to buy various items in the Silver Shop, including accessories and various upgrade items.

BRONZE -  Bronze coins are a game-based currency that can be obtained throughout the site. They can be used to purchase toppings and accessories in the Bronze Shop and be exchanged for Silver coins with our currency converter. Just like Gold to Silver, you can only exchange Bronze for Silver! The exchange rate is 10:1, so 10 Bronze coins make one Silver coin. 

JADE - Jade coins are hard to obtain and quite valuable! They can be used to purchase rare toppings and accessories in the Jade Shop, as well as ink bottles that can be used to change your Chowling’s base color. Jade coins can currently only be obtained through foraging in the Flea Market, or by donation fundraisers and special events! 

Seasonal items may be available in the different shops as well!


How do I update my character's Masterlist art?

The masterlist image can be updated through the character’s Settings menu on the left of the page. Please use the UPDATE DESIGN option, through which the image and traits can be officially updated. Make sure to fill out everything and also add all of their already existing traits. If you’re adding any items to your Chowling make sure to add the items in the ADD-ONS section.


How do I attach an item to my Chowling / How do I use an Item?

The best way to attach an item to your Chowling is through updating the Masterlist design, as explained in the previous question. But if you’d just like to add a trait to an existing design without changing the image, you may contact a moderator who will attach the trait for you. Please note that you will need to own the Item[s] needed before contacting a moderator! 


Can a Chowlings/Robuprawns value be updated on its Masterlist entry?

Yes, a Chowling’s or Robuprawns Value can be updated, but only if you are planning to sell/trade them soon after. If you’d like to update your characters Masterlist Value, please ask to message a moderator in our Discord or contact one of our social media/ our email. A mod will send you a form to fill out for your appraisal. This form will ask you to list and provide the new art, its individual value, as well as proof of purchase. Once everything is filled out and approved by the moderator they will update the on site value of your Chowling and you can sell them for their updated value.


My character's image was removed after uploading a new one! What happened?

Every Chowling, Robuprawn and Familiar may have a max of 2 images per Masterlist entry. [See exception in How do I update my character's Masterlist art?] The very first image/design of the character will always remain on the Masterlist entry and will never be deleted. Only the second image is subject to change. Once a third image is uploaded, the previous second image will be deleted.


What can be on my Characters Masterlist image?

A Masterlist image should only include a full-body drawing of the character that showcases all their traits [if possible]. The image must be unshaded or minimally shaded and not include any knicknacks, other characters, text, reference sheets, or other items not officially included in the design.


How do I transfer a character on site?

A character can easily be transferred through the Transfer option under the Settings section to the left of a character's Masterlist page. The other user is required to also have an account on the site to receive the character. Otherwise the character cannot be transferred. 

Familiars can not be transferred separately, as they are always bound to their Chowling and are automatically transferred once their bound Chowling has been transferred. If a Familiar seems to not have been transferred with their bound Chowling contact a Moderator to transfer them for you.


Why do some Chowlings have a Censored Thumbnail?

If a Chowling’s Masterlist image includes sensitive content, blood, body horror, gore, illness/disease or trypophobia, it’s thumbnail image will be censored. The masterlist entries can still be clicked on by everyone, at their own risk and discretion.


What are the differences between the Chowling MYO slots?

[IMPORTANT] Myo slots no longer have different rarites/statuses and all new MYO slots will only be of Bronze status from now on and simply be called 'Chowling MYO slot'.
Subtypes have been completely removed and are no longer locked by the type of MYO used. Now any kind of theme within rules and reason can be applied to a MYO Chowling.
Lineages will be only obtainable through Lineage statues.
Current Silver and Gold MYO slots will keep their optional Monster or Dragon lineages as well as their value. But no more new Silver and Gold MYO slots will be made (this inclused combining two bronze slots for one silver slot).

There is one type of MYO slot going forward, this being the Standard/Bronze MYO slot. But from the past there still are 3 different MYO slot types. These are Bronze, Silver and Gold with Bronze having the lowest rarity and Gold being the most rare. (refer to info above)

Standard/ Bronze MYOs have a set price of 100€.
Silver MYOs have a set price of 200€ and additionally can apply the Monster Lineage to your Chowling.
Gold MYOs have a set price of 300€ and additionally apply either the Monster or Dragon Lineage to your Chowling.

Optionally a Lineage Statue can be applied to your MYO slot to add a Lineage of your choosing to your Chowling.


Can I preclaim a theme for a future Chowling?

You may only preclaim a theme if you own a MYO slot. Otherwise, it is prohibited to preclaim themes. This is to prevent preclaimed themes from never being used.


What Themes are acceptable to use for my Chowling?

We allow most themes to be chosen, but here are a few guidelines:

  • The chosen theme cannot already be used by another Chowling.
  • Please make sure to also check out the Taken and Planned Themes List to ensure your theme isn’t already claimed by someone else.
  • Themes can be anything from animals, plants, dishes, objects, mythical creatures/ beings, descriptive words, or other! Before choosing a theme make sure to console a Moderator to make sure it can be used.
  • Only Chowlings can have themes. Robuprawns and Familiars are themeless.
  • Only Dragons are allowed to [and must] have the word DRAGON in their theme
  • Themes may not include directly harmful, racist, copyrighted names/words/ ideas or explicit adult themes. 
  • They also cannot be sentences, sayings or lyrics.
  • The mod team may decline any themes if we see the need to do so (e.g. triggering themes, unsuitable themes, offensive themes, etc).
What are the different mini-games, and how can you play?

FLEA MARKET - The Flea Market is a foraging mini-game located under the ‘Games’ tab at the top bar of the website. It is a simple game in which you click the “Forage” button to collect daily rewards, including Bronze, Silver, and Jade coins and berries.

Click the “Forage in the Flea Market” button to start foraging. It takes one hour to forage, and foraging can only be done once a day. The timer will reset after 24 hours have passed.

If I notice any bugs, errors, or have any questions, where do I go?

If you notice any bugs or errors, please go to the navigation bar at the top of the site, select Browse -> Bug Reports, and fill in your report.




How can I buy a Chowling MYO slot?

MYO slots for Chowlings will occasionally be sold by moderators and admins in the Chowlings Discord. 24 hours before a MYO slot goes up, a moderator will make an announcement declaring what type of slot will be sold, when it will be sold, what type of sale or trade it will be, and who can participate. Make sure to get the ‘Peridot’ [Sale Ping] role in #role-assignment to get pinged when sales are happening.

There are 3 kinds of MYO slots for Chowlings: Bronze [€100], Silver [€200] and Gold [€300]. More information on MYOs and what each kind includes can be read HERE.

Robuprawn MYO slots can be purchased with no limit in our cash shop.  Each MYO is 15 Euros and requires a Paypal account to be purchased. You can find out the exchange rate to your local currency by Googling ‘15 euros in [your currency]’ and finding an approximate exchange rate or use paypal's Currency Converter Tool.

Familiars can only be obtained by commissioning an official artist or official Guest Artist to design one for you. The rates for each artist are different. To see their rates and when they open Familiar commissions, join our Discord and keep an eye on the #rebase-familiar-openings channel.


Can I design my own MYO/ have someone else design my MYO?

Yes! You may design your MYO yourself or commission someone else to design them for you. The designer does not have to be an official Guest Artist, but should be aware of the species’ specific anatomy and design guidelines. 


Can I sell/ trade or voucher my MYO slot?

You may trade your MYO slot, but you cannot resell it or get a voucher for it. Since the demand for MYO slots is incredibly high, we want to make sure that users who buy them will actually use them instead of selling them off for profit. Additionally, MYO slots are only sold by moderators as a way for them to get compensation for the hours they put into working on the site, Discord and Chowlings species as a whole.


Can I ask other members to participate in an official sale for me?

If you will not be available or will be otherwise hindered from participating in an official sale[including auction, OTA, etc.] you may ask a maximum of one person to participate in the sale for you. If there are found to be multiple people entering for you in the same sale, you will be disqualified.

When are custom Chowling slots opening?

Customs are closed, but please look on the Discord server or on Saunt’s Twitter for updates on when they will open again. The current plan is July 2021 for Saunt, but some Guest Artists may take a small number of custom slots at other times. These slots will be announced on the Chowlings Discord.


I have a custom slot, but I don't want it anymore. Can I sell it or change the theme?

You are not allowed to sell, trade, or gift your custom slots. All you can do is forfeit them, as they are unpaid until the first sketch is shown.

If you want to change your custom theme idea and your sketch is not yet done, you may message the artist to change the theme.


Are there any rules for selling or trading my Chowling? 

Please view our Terms of Service. This page covers resale rules and other important rules.


Can a banned person obtain Chowlings, Robuprawns or other species from this group?

No. Anyone who is permanently banned is not allowed to obtain any official Chowlings, Robuprawns or in-game items. You may not trade, sell or gift and characters of this species to a banned user.


I’m new to closed species—what do all of these [sale] terms mean?

Closed Species  are an Original Species defined by the unique nature of the character’s appearances, anatomy, and lore to create the species concept as a whole. Characters within a Closed Species are not free to make, meaning only certain individuals can create official characters of said species. Usually there are MYO slots with which other users can make their own characters of the species.

MYO  [Make Your Own] are slots sold, traded, or gifted to members to make their own character of a certain species. 

GA  [Guest Artist] These are individuals which were granted special permission to create Sprite Festival characters and accept rebase and familiar commissions. When and how many GAs are chosen is up to the staff team.

NFT  [not for trade] Some Sprite Festival characters on Toyhouse might have the Tag NFT. This has always been a shortened version of  not for trade  meaning that the character isn’t currently open for offers.

FTO  [First Time Owner] are members which have never before owned a Chowling.

Non-Owners  are members who have owned a Chowling in the past but currently do not own any Chowlings.

FFA  [free for all] is a term used to indicate that a specific sale, trade, etc, is available for anyone to enter. This includes members who currently own Chowlings, as well as FTOs and Non-Owners. 

FCFS  [first come first served] is a way of selling characters or MYO slots in a very quick manner. The first person to reply to the given advertisement will be the winner of said sale, giveaway, trade, etc and needs to pay for the character.

Flat sale Raffle  - A flat sale raffle is a raffle sale in which the design or MYO being sold has a predetermined sale amount. If interested you can enter into the pool of other participants without needing to pay to be entered into the raffle. Only if you get rolled as the winner will you need to pay for the character.[Do not enter any flat sale raffles if you can not pay]

UFS  [Up For Sale] indicates that a member is looking to sell their character! They sometimes have a set price tag, or may allow you to offer money with other things on top, such as art.  

UFT  [Up For Trade] indicates that a member is looking to trade their Chowling for characters, such as one offs or other closed species! They may mention what sort of characters they are looking for in their post.  

SWAPS  [Up For Swap] indicates that a member is looking to swap their Chowling for another Chowling only! If they are only looking for swaps, please do not try to bribe them with money or non-Chow characters.  

ENTERTAINING OFFERS  indicates that a member is accepting offers on their Chowling out of curiosity, but is not certain if they would let the character in question go. Entertaining means that it’s mostly to see what sort of trade offers they will get and that the people who offer shouldn’t get too excited about receiving said character.  

VOUCHERS  indicate that a member is looking for money voucher offers. A money voucher means that a person can put their Chowling up for sale for more money than the Chowling is worth, as long as the money is for a particular emergency related goal [such as bills, emergencies, etc.] For example, if a Chowling’s base value is 50 euros, and they get vouchered off for 400, the base value of that Chowling will not change, so please be cautious because you WILL lose money over it. Please ask for permission from a mod before taking a voucher for your Chowling! We do not tolerate this being mistreated. 

Please ask for permission from a mod before taking a voucher! We do not tolerate mistreatment of this process.


Overall, please respect these terms and only offer what people ask for! If you keep ignoring it, we will hand out a strike.


If you have any questions, you may ask them in the post's comments that are most closely related to your question. You may also go to the Discord server's question channel [#Admin-Ask], and the mods or Saunt will get back to you as soon as they can.


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