Artist: itzSparkz

Designer: itzSparkz

Sale Value: €100.00

Can Transfer

Owner: Mackerel

Name: Toro

Gender: Genderfluid

Birthday: 7 January

Zodiac: Aquarius

Origin: Japanese Hawaiian | Honolulu, HI

Occupation: Fish Butcher


Toro owns a stall at a fish market, she is skilled in butchering fish and making fine cuts. Occasionally he would catch fish himself to sell off, but for the most part Toro is busy setting up his stall, butchering, and selling. 

Toro is pretty extroverted, for the most part, she'd start off small conversations with customers while butchering, occassionly have longer chats with returning customers/usuals. 

C-583: Chūtoro's profile

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C-583: Chūtoro's traits

main Form

Artist: itzSparkz
Designer: itzSparkz

Current Image (#1463)

Human Images
Main Images

human Form

Artist: cremesode
Designer: cremesode and Mackerel

main Form

Artist: itzSparkz
Designer: itzSparkz

Current Image (#1463)

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main Form

Bronze MYO

Artist: edelweiss
Designer: edelweiss

C-583: Chūtoro Battle Stuff

Level: 1



No weapons.


No gear.

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