Artist: Shrimp

Designer: Shrimp

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Owner: sockeyecircus

Name: Unknown

Gender: Female

Birthday: 20 June

Zodiac: Dorado

Origin: Northern Mountains

Occupation: Rescues snow animals!


Toyhouse | Snow is a winged chowling who flies down to the nearby village for a warm drink and socialization ocassionally. She is not an outwardly social chowling and usually likes to keep to herself, but enjoys the distant company of others in quiet enviorments. Libraries, cafes, book stores, study areas, and post offices are her favorite places to stop and make/send things out to and for her friends. Due to her ability for flight, she has a habit of making friends far from where she lives so she keeps communication with them via mail.

C-274: Snowy owl's traits

main Form

Artist: Shrimp
Designer: Shrimp

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main Form

Artist: Shrimp
Designer: Shrimp

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