Artist: syvras

Designer: syvras

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Owner: Jypheran

Name: Ryotaro

Gender: Male

Birthday: 15 April

Zodiac: Lepus

Origin: Unknown

Occupation: Fisherman

Song: Unknown

Ryotaro was born into royalty, and while it was enjoyable at first, he eventually grew weary of the obligations and status that came with being a member of the royal family. He eventually worked up the strength to flee and begin a new life, but that life turned out to be several years of theft. Ryotaro enjoyed seeing the fishermen catch all these fish in his free time. He ultimately came to the conclusion that he needed to change and stop stealing, so he made the wise decision to try fishing. He didn't know how to fish and kept getting the hook stuck on his back, producing numerous little scars that he concealed with his arowana cape. After numerous tries, Ryotaro finally mastered fishing and developed into a highly skilled fisherman. He now makes a living by fishing and resides in a sleepy fishing village.

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Artist: syvras
Designer: syvras

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Artist: Planète
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Artist: syvras
Designer: syvras

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